An evening class especially for women.  

Women's bodies are incredible.  They are capable of amazing things.  They under go many changes throughout our lives.   This is why I run a special class that focusses specifically on the needs of women.  


Exercises are designed to ease tension, improve functional movement and of course look after the tummy and pelvic floor!  This is an ideal class for those who are working on rehabbing the abdomen or pelvic floor.


We even include a little bit of relaxation at the end, as we know for many of us this may be the only chance we get in our busy days to truely relax for a moment! 

Classes are suitable for all, whether you are new to Pilates or more experienced in your practice.

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Classes can be attended on a pay as you go basis or as part of a membership package.

Members also receive access to online classes and a members only video library to supplement your practice at home.

See the Prices page for details of pay as you go and memberships.

Book online to attend your first class, or get in touch for more information.