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The Pilates Hut is my little garden studio, opened in November 2020 and is the location for my private Pilates studio sessions.
In the hut I have an Align Pilates Reformer, along with a Tower and Arc, plus lots of small equipment to help refine your practice.  

I LOVE working with clients using the apparatus.  For me, it is like slotting together pieces of a jigsaw as I understand how each client moves and how small adjustments can help make a huge difference to how a client feels and works.   Finding out which muscles are working well, and which require a little encouragement to wake them up and get them working as well as they should be.  I like to put you in charge of your body and encourage you to really feel the differences small adjustments can make.

Private sessions in the studio have become incredibly popular as people absolutely love working on the apparatus.  Sessions are often booked up many weeks in advance so if you are looking to book a session I definitely recommend getting your slot secured as soon as possible.  I do run a waitlist list for cancellations and extra sessions, so if you can't find a space on the online booking calendar do get in touch to discuss availability and to be placed on the waiting list.

Here is a little bit more information about the apparatus I have in the studio:

The Reformer:  The Reformer is a fantastic piece of apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. A system of springs and pulleys, attached to a moving carriage, help you find length & alignment, create resistance and work deeply in your practice. The Reformer can add extra challenge to your workout, and it can also be assistive - helping to support your body as you move. The work you will do with me on the Reformer will be entirely tailored for your needs. I have clients of all ages and abilities who work with me on the Reformer and absolutely love it.
The Tower:  The Tower in the Pilates Hut is attached to the Reformer and adds extra versatility to your workout.   We use a series of attachments, such as springs and bars, to enhance your workout on a stable surface.  Like the Reformer, Tower work can be assistive and challenging depending on the exercise and its application.  The Tower is a favourite with some of my post-rehab clients who prefer to work on the stable surface and is a great way to get used to apparatus work.
The Wunda Chair: The wonderful Wunda Chair - this piece of apparatus is fantastic for really challenging your strength and balance.  Exercises are performed seated, standing, and laying on your back, tummy or side.  It is a truly versatile piece of apparatus that is suitable for many different client needs.

Spine Corrector: The Spine Corrector, or Arc, is a smaller piece of apparatus that can be used to create length in the body, develop mobility and provide new challenges as you work with the arc shape of the apparatus.  Joseph Pilates was passionate about spine health and this piece of apparatus is simply wonderful for encouraging flexibility and a feeling of length in the spine, as well as challenging strength and balance throughout the body.


I offer private sessions for all levels and abilities.  
I am trained in working with clients who are pregnant and postnatal, with common orthopaedic conditions, and with clients recovering from surgery for breast cancer.  I use props such as wedges, rollers and Spine Fitter to adapt exercises according to the body I am working with.  See the main Private Sessions page for more information.

NOTE: The apparatus is currently full for regular bookings.  Regular bookings are renewed on a 2 monthly basis.  Any remaining available slots are released in the online booking system and published via my newsletter and on social media.  If you would like to discuss upcoming availability the best thing to do is to get in touch for more information.

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