Prices are shown below.

Please note, pricing changes will take effect from 1st Aug 2022 with a new and improved Poised Membership.  Check back for more details from 1st August.

To make a booking please visit the Book Online page or get in touch

Online Sessions

Workout With Me Online Sessions: £5.00*

Online Workshops: £10 - £15*

Group Classes

No block booking commitment. Book and attend when you can.


PAYG: £9.25 per class

Poised Membership 

Poised Membership is changing to a new platform.  To find out more about Poised membership options please get in touch, or check back soon.

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

Single session £40

Discounts available for bookings of 5+ and 10+ sessions.

Group Private Pilates Mat bookings (4+ persons)

Standard: £80 per hour

Charity / Community Group: £65 per hour

Specialist Packages 

Postnatal Pilates:

New starter consultation £25

6 week block classes £50

Diastasis Recti Restorative Programme work:

Online Package £105

In-Person (8x1:1 sessions) £300

Pink Ribbon Program Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise (8x1:1 sessions)