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Exercise in pregnancy should be designed to aid and work with the pregnant body rather than simply fit around it.  The exercises and techniques I teach in my Pregnancy Pilates classes are designed to help you adapt to your changing body, prepare your body for the demands of childbirth & motherhood, and most importantly help you feel connected with your body!  

As a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors, I am committed to delivering high standards in supporting pregnant and postnatal women and regularly updating my knowledge.  I am a certified Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist, hold the level 3 award in adapting exercise for pregnant & postnatal women, and have completed the Burrel Education Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner certification.  

My Pregnancy Pilates classes are suitable for all trimesters.  Most people join in their second or sometimes third trimesters.  Classes are run weekly, with a combination of mat and stability ball work plus relaxation.  We sometimes bring in additional props such as resistance bands and the Pilates Magic Circle to aid techique and focus on specific areas.  You don't need any previous Pilates experience to join this class.

Classes are run on Tuesday evenings 7.15pm at The Fishbourne Centre.

Book a space online using the online booking calendar.  Once you have booked your first class I will send you a welcome email to say hello and provide helpful information about the class.  This email will also include a link to the online pregnancy health form for you to complete before your first class.  This helps ensure I am aware of any particular injuries, symptoms or conditions I need to consider whilst teaching you.

Additional Resources for Pregnancy Pilates Clients: I have set up a Facebook Group for all of my pregnancy Pilates clients, in which you can find additional supplementary information, posts and videos.  Please do add yourself to this group to access the resources.  Use the topic hashtags to find information relevant to you.

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