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Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning method that strengthens, tones, mobilises and balances the body.  It is great for helping to improve posture, increase strength & flexibility and provide a strong, well balanced foundation for the functions of daily life and activity.  The mind and body work together, to create a sense of true physical control.  The focus of any good Pilates class is in understanding of each movement, so that it is executed with the intended technique for optimal benefits.

I keep my mat classes small, and tailor the class based on the abilities and needs of those attending at any given time.  

Pilates Mat Class: Essentials

Mondays 7pm, The Fishbourne Centre

Ideal for beginners, those with particular needs such as injury recovery, or anyone who prefers a more controlled pace in which to focus on technique and alignment.  This is a traditional style mat class, focussing on the essential mat exercises upon which the progressive work is built.

Pilates Mat Class: Progressive

Mondays 8pm, The Fishbourne Centre

Ideal for those with some prior Pilates experience who feel ready to incorporate some of the more intermediate and advanced exercises into their practice.    This is a traditional style mat class that will encourage you to deepen your understanding and application of Pilates technique as we explore the mat repertoire to intermediate level and beyond.

Mindful Pilates:

Tuesdays 8.15pm, The Fishbourne Centre

This class strips everything back and gives you a chance to really focus on how your body feels as we work on the mat. A more contemporary mat class, wonderful for those wanting to focus on key areas.  Moving at a slow, controlled pace this class aims to leave you feeling beautifully mobilised, calm and relaxed.
This class is wonderful as a supplement to your regular mat or apparatus training, or as a stand-alone main practice.

Advanced booking is required due to size limited classes.  I will always tailor my classes based on who is attending at any given time and pre-booking helps me achieve this.  Each person is encouraged to work in a way that is best for them and I offer variations and modifications wherever needed.  

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