Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a body conditioning method that strengthens, tones, mobilises and balances the body.  It is great for helping to improve posture, increase strength & flexibility and provide a strong, well balanced foundation for the functions of daily life and activity.  The mind and body work together, to create a sense of true physical control.  The focus of any good Pilates class is in understanding of each movement, so that it is executed with the intended technique for optimal benefits.

I keep my mat classes small, and tailor the class based on the abilities and needs of those attending at any given time.  As a guide, class levels are described below.   

Level 1 Class:  

Ideal for beginners, those with particular needs such as injury recovery, or anyone who prefers a more controlled pace in which to focus on technique and alignment.

Level 2 Class:

Working at a more flowing pace and incorporating more intermediate level repertoire.  Some prior Pilates experience is recommended.

Level 3 Class:

Working towards some of the more advanced level repertoire with flowing transitions and introducing new challenges.  Prior Pilates experience is essential.

Mixed Ability:

Suitable for all experience levels.  Clients will be guided through technical variations and modifications so that each participant works in the manner best suited to their body's needs and abilities.

The above levels are a guide.  I will always tailor my classes based on who is attending at any given time.  Each person is encouraged to work in a way that is best for them and I offer variations and modifications wherever needed.  

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