One to one sessions are all about YOU and YOUR body.   I take time to get to know you - your goals, motivation, and how pilates can help you.  Each session is tailored to your individual needs. We progress at a pace that suits you. My role is to help support you to get the most from YOUR practice and YOUR body.
I offer one to ones in my small private garden studio, located in Fishbourne just outside Chichester.  There is a range of small equipment and props available to help you work with your body's needs and refine your practice.
In-home sessions can also be arranged, subject to location.  Ideal for those whose schedule or commitments make it difficult to travel to a studio or prefer in-home tuition.  I will bring basic small equipment with me such as head blocks, soft balls and resistance bands for use during your session as needed.  A small surcharge is added for in-home sessions, and availability is dependent on location.
See the frequently asked questions below for more information on private Pilates sessions with Precision Poise.
A range of payment options are available.  See the Prices page for more information.


Who can benefit from 1:1 sessions?

One to one tuition enables you to work at your own pace as you are guided through sessions that are tailored to meet your individual needs. My clients have many reasons for chosing 1:1 sessions. You may be looking to learn the basics as you start out on your Pilates journey, or wishing to refine technique and work towards some of the more challenging repertoire. Many clients choose 1:1 sessions to help with rehabilitation following injury or to help with an orthopaedic condition. As a postnatal specialist I also work with clients to help improve and promote pelvic floor function or support abdominal restoration post childbirth. I offer a free telephone consultation on request if you would like to discuss your needs and how Pilates can help you

What do I need to bring?

Before your first session I will send you a link to the online health form. Please ensure you have completed and submitted this prior to your first session as I will use this to help tailor your initial session. A mat and all equipment is provided for you in my garden studio ("The Pilates Hut"). You dont need to bring anything with you except a water bottle to keep hydrated before and after your session. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move easily and I can observe posture and body positioning. Bare feet or socks are fine - I recommend grippy socks such as ToeSox or similar brands.

Can I have sessions in my own home?

Yes, absolutely. I offer in-home 1:1 mat based Pilates sessions within the Chichester - Emsworth area and surrounding villages. There is a £5 per session surcharge for sessions held in-home, and sessions are subject to availability. In-home sessions are ideal for those whose schedules or commitments make it tricky to get to a studio, or those who simply prefer to workout in their own home. All you need is enough space to be able to lay on a mat with your arms outstretched. I will bring basic small equipment with me and can provide you with a mat to use for your session if you dont have your own. Sessions are held in a relaxed and supportive manner. Do not worry if you have children at home. I am very used to teaching with little ones trying to join in, babies wanting a feed mid-session, or teaching to a background sounds of children's television & films! Interruptions are almost inevitable and I work around you & your needs.

What Can I Expect From a 1:1 Session?

Sessions last for 1 hour. During your first session I take time to get to know you and your individual needs and goals, before working through an active session plan to introduce you to your 1:1 Pilates program. I will look at postural alignment, mobility, strength and function in order to create session plans that are designed for your body and needs. Sessions are matwork based. We may use small equipment and props to aid technique and provide fresh challenges, such as the Pilates soft ball, resistance bands, weighted balls and the Magic Circle. Every person is different. My role is to work with you in a supportive and encouraging manner to help you achieve your own individual goals, in a way that works for you.


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"Gina spent time working through a series of exercises that I can do to strengthen and showed me the modifications that made them work for my hip.  She is wonderful, kind and encouraging, explains things really well and was immensely patient when my brain needed time to process"

Pilates 1:1 client

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