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A specially designed ballet class for those aged 65 years+, with a focus on functional movement for everyday living.  This class gently works the whole body, paying special attention to mobility, balance and stability.  It is ideal for those wanting a gentle, low impact class to help improve balance, strength and fitness.  Our relaxed and friendly class aims to help all participants enjoy the movement of dance and feel more confident in their own body's abilities.  

I believe ballet inspired exercise should be accessible to all.  I work with each individual to understand their specific needs and any injuries, mobility issues, or conditions that need to be taken into account to ensure every person gets a safe and effective workout.  We do a combination of work at the barre, in the centre and seated on a chair.  If you would love to try a Ballet based exercise class but are nervous about doing so or unsure whether you can, I am more than happy to have a chat with you about your needs and any worries you may have.  I can also provide letters for physiotherapists / healthcare professionals if needed.    I believe everyone should have the chance to benefit from dance and movement - it's not about what you can't do, but what you CAN!  Here is what one of my class members has to say...

"When I saw the ad for "Ballet for Over 65's" my heart soared!  I am 77, could I really learn ballet again?  I have found out that I can!  Despite having had knee and hi replacements, I feel safe in the knowledge that Gina is trained to help my recovery.  My balance is improving, my core strength is improving and my life is improving.  My self-confidence is growing and I have met lovely new friends, who like me, are finding the class beautiful and a joy."


COVID-19 Update:  This class has been suspended due to government advice relating to social distancing and shielding in light of COVID-19.  You are welcome to get in touch to register your interest to be notified when classes resume again in future.