Whilst face to face teaching is the gold standard when it comes to Pilates practice, sometimes it can be tricky to get to a studio as often as you like.  That is why I offer regular live streamed Pilates sessions each week, as well as access to a regularly updated video library for your own self practice.

"Workout With Me" Online Live Sessions

Work out with me as I take you through a Pilates session exploring different themes and/or matwork equipment. These sessions move at a flowing pace on a "workout with me" basis and are ideally intended to supplement your face to face classes in the studio.  We use 2 way video streaming, via Zoom, so I will still be keeping an eye on everyone as we workout to ensure you are moving safely, however you will be responsible for working at a level appropriate for you and applying any necessary adaptations. 

Workout With Me sessions follow different themes and each month's schedule will be posted to the Online Class Forum Facebook group and sent out via newsletter / WhatsApp.  

The current timetable can be seen here.


  • Pay as You Go (book and attend when you can)

  • With a Precision Poise monthly membership.  Different membership levels are available, including online only. All membership packages include free access to the online workout with me sessions as well as an exclusive members-only video library for self-practice opportunity at home.

See the Prices page for up to date pricing information and details of membership options.

See the Book Online page to book your first class.

Online Video Library


A regularly updated library of pre-recorded video classes and tutorials is available exclusively to all members, giving you the opportunity to practice in your own time.  Ideal for those with unpredictable schedules or who would like to supplement their regular classes with some self practice in their own time.

When attending an online class or following a pre-recorded video you will need a mat for comfort and to protect the joints.  You may also wish to have some small equipment available to you, such as a soft ball, head block and resistance band.  I offer mats and a range of small equipment on the online shop, and will also provide suggestions in class for items around the house that you can use instead such as cushions or a rolled up towel.