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Hi.  I'm Gina. I am a Pilates teacher who is passionate about helping people feel strong and confident in their own bodies.  Precision Poise is built upon a simple ethos; to deliver high quality Pilates teaching for each and every individual body that steps into my studio or into my classes. 

Precision Poise is all about Pilates for YOU.  Your body, your needs.  Helping you discover the fabulous benefits that Joseph Pilates' method can offer each and every body, in a way that works for you.

I work with a range of clients, each with different needs and goals.

I specialise in working with women through the different life stages, including in pregnancy, postnatal and peri-post-menopause.  A am a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (Pink Ribbon Program, Inc.) and trained in Diastasis Recti restorative work (The Centre for Women's Fitness) and Pilates for Endometriosis (APPI).

Find out more about the services I offer by clicking the links above, read more about the Pilates method below, or get in touch for a chat about how Pilates with Precision Poise can help you.

Pilates Studio

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates described his method of "Contrology" as a system that "...develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit".  In his book "Return to Life through Contrology", Joseph Pilates details the 34 exercises that comprise what we now know as Pilates Mat work.  These exercises are designed to be accessible, requiring no special equipment, therefore have become popular for group exercise classes and home practice.

Joseph Pilates's gym in New York is what we now consider the worlds first Pilates Studio. With his fascination with how the human body moves, and incredible attention to detail, he designed a series of apparatus, using springs, platforms and pulleys to create an effective body conditioning system that both challenges and supports the body; developing strength, mobility and control.  

Contrology was renamed Pilates after Joseph Pilates' death.  Many of Joseph Pilates' students opened their own studios and continued teaching Pilates' method, and training future generations. of teachers. Each of the Pilates "Elders" put their own personal stamp on their teaching of the method.  Today, modern knowledge and discoveries in exercise science continue to shape how Pilates is taught, however the basic principles of Pilates remain

"It is the mind that shapes the body"

Joseph Pilates

Hannah side bend.png

My Teaching Style

I strongly believe that Pilates is for EVERY body. My  role as a Pilates teacher is to support and encourage you truly connect with your body and get the most out of your practice.  Every body is an individual.  As a teacher I work to help you understand how your body moves, and find those little tweaks and prompts that can be an absolute game changer for your exercise practice.

I am a contemporary Pilates Teacher, meaning that I apply contemporary exercise science to my teachings of the Pilates method.  I am, however, of the opinion that it is important to understand the method as Joseph Pilates intended it and the variations that have been introduced overtime by the Pilates elders. In teaching Pilates I only apply variations with specific PURPOSE.  Therefore you will see a lot of my teaching stays close to the traditional exercises and order.

Qualifications & Training:

I am committed to continually developing my Pilates knowledge and teaching skills.  My formal qualifications and trainings include:

Pilates Mat and Apparatus: Pilates Mat Work, Reformer (Essentials, Progressive, Jump Board), Cadillac & Tower, Barrels (Spine corrector, Arc, Ladder Barrel), Pilates with Small Equipment, Pilates Barre

Specialist: Pre&Postnatal Pilates Specialist (The Center for Women's Fitness), L3 award in Designing Physical Activity Programmes for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients, Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner L2 (Burrell Education), The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery (The Center for Women's Fitness), Pilates for Orthopeadic Conditions, L3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older Adults, Pink Ribbon Program Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, Pilates for Endometriosis (APPI), COVID-19 Rehabilitation, Pilates for Scoliosis (APPI)

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